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Prima Facie (EP)
Artist; The Blue Letter
©2007 Blood & Ink Records
While waiting to hear another band play one of the indoor stages at Cornerstone 2009, it was a common occurrence to see other bands staple their posters on one of the circus tent poles. This was how I met two of the guys from The Blue Letter. Seeing a reference to the band Isis, my interest was immediately piqued. Surrounded by hordes of hardcore wannabes at the festival, I almost welcomed something different. As they dutifully filled in an open slot after a cancellation on the HM Stage, I was musically drawn in. The only way I can describe it is hardcore post-rock. Mirroring the band Isis on a large scale, they adhere to a number of post-rock legends, including Explosions In The Sky, Cult Of Luna, and Envy.
I have to admit that musically I love it, vocally, not so much. The vocals grate on you after a while, but that could be matter of preference. I can tolerate them, that being said. This is not a bad release. Iím glad I caught them live. They are in the process of recording a new album, as per their myspace page. This being nearly three years old, the six songs still breathe like a new car.
November 2009


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