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The Day The Colours Died
©1996 Brainstorm Artists International

A short lived band from Seattle, Bloomsday brought a slight jam quality to the '90’s modern rock landscape that stills occupies space in my cranium to this day. If much of the current screamo fodder is any indication of where music is heading, then I will search long and hard for gems of this magnitude to take on a deserted island.

The spacious guitar licks remind me at times of the '80’s progression in Pink Floyd’s music, stuff that brings out the inner air guitarist. Stand out tracks include the title song, “Just The Same”, “Song Of Five”, and “Pablo’s Diary”. The vocalist/guitarist, Blake Wescott, went on to do a number of things, including touring as drummer for Pedro The Lion. Backed by a solid rhythm section, Bloomsday may have been a blip on the modern rock radar, but I cannot seem to get the collective stain out of my shirt. This is good stuff that will endure. Too bad they didn’t live to see another number of years.



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