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Future Stars And Small Wonders
Artist: Bizzart
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Length: 12 Tracks / 32:33
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What do you get when you combine bizzare with art? Bizzart, apparently. Future Stars And Small Wonders, the most recent release from Bizzart, is certainly bizzare - whether or not it's "art" is ultimately up to each listener.

The record comes in a basic package with no indication of who the artist is, or of what the album is called. The liner notes are printed on a single square page, coded in HTML. The distorted, out-of-focus cover image kindly gives a hint at what the sound contents will resemble.

If you load up Future Stars And Small Wonders, Here's what you're going to hear: shout-rap vocals that generally favour oblique lyrical abstraction, weird juxtapositions of sound, erratic/glitchy electronics, schizophrenic loops, acoustic guitar/piano, and vocal samples that seem to bear no connection to the songs in which they are placed. Certainly, there's a lot of effort that's gone into this, even just to achieve the amount of layering and mashing of sounds (sometimes complimentary, sometimes intentionally discordant). Song structures are anything but standardized - constantly doubling back on you and breaking conventions that have been set up in the first two minutes of a song only to frustrate or intrigue the listener. The same can be said of the album, which will follow a spazzy electronic indie rap song ("Android Hearts") with a quiet piano number ("Changing Stars") - though both of the songs named fit those descriptions in only the most basic sense. The only thing that comes to mind as a basis for comparison is Soul Junk (particularly at Glenn Galaxy's more rappish and/or contemplative moments).

With all of these things in mind, this is a complicated record to listen to, and that's probably an intentional move. The most important things to note about Future Stars And Small Wonders, however, is that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of substance here to take hold of, much less to reward a listener's time and effort.

The promotional material for the record calls it "sound-collage hip-hop meets belligerent poetry for robots in love", I'm more inclined to call it "difficult to enjoy".

Check out Bizzart if you're into Soul Junk and other crazy schizophrenic "sound-collage" music, as this will likely be a profitable listen. Otherwise, you're better off elsewhere.

Standout Tracks: Android Heart, Future Girls, Wood Is Whyte.

Jerry Bolton
June 11th, 2009


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