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Albertine (Delux Edition)
Artist: Brooke Fraser 
Label: Cloumbia Records
Time: 20tracks/75.63 min.
OK, the Carol King thing MAYBE a little much, but with one of the best mid range voices I have heard in a while, Booke Fraser is sure to catch your attention, even if you aren’t into this style of music.
She would have to be the best-kept secret New Zealand has.
What is it about this little place?  With the population of Sydney (4,296,450 to Sydney’s 4254900 to be exact) it manages to produces some great singer/song writers (the Finns) like Brooke.
Her first and second album debuted at #1 in New Zealand, and she has toured with the likes of David Bowie and John Mayer in Australia and New Zealand.
Albertine , her second album, was written and recorded after Brooke visited Tanzania and Rwanda, the title gains its’ name from a young orphaned girl she met there. Brooke recorded Albertine in Hollywood with renowned producer Marshall Altman (Train, Marc Broussard & Matt Nathanson).
Her site describes her music as, “. . . the kind of music that sounds like a pop marshmallow has dropped into a folk hot chocolate and become a warm, spicy chocolatey broth.” 
With producer Marshall Altman (Warren Barfield, Marc Broussard, Matt Nathanson), who is very much on the Folk side of the tracks, Brooke's album is very easy to listen to.
This easy listening often smacks you in the head when you listen to her lyrics.  Worship, Justice, Life, etc, she sings it all with such a tone that you fall into her lyrics, and sometimes go ouch.
You really can’t go wrong with this album, the DELUXE edition, unless you’re a happy hardcore, DnB, hardcore, industrial, metal die hard fan.  It contains her album original Albertine, plus an additional eight tracks recorded live with, two not on the original (including an Simon and Garfunkel track). 
And you can score all this for less than her original disk cost.  So do your self a favor.
Rob Boynton
22nd Jan 2009


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