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The Incident
 Artist: Beoga
Artists: Liam Bradley (piano, keys, triangle), Damian McKee (button accordion, backing vocals), Niamh Dunne (vocals, fiddles, viola), Sean Og Graham (button accordion, guitars, bouzouki, banjo, low whistle, backing vocals) and Eamon Murray (bodhran and percussion)
Compass Records 2009 7-4499-2
11 Tracks
Running Length: 43 minutes
Beoga’s first two albums, A Lovely Madness and Mischief earned accolades from fans and the music industry. 2009 has their third album out, The Incident
and some of the songs are based on real-life incidents that occurred to them, such as sitting on a chair and breaking it. Current members of the group are Liam Bradley, Damian McKee, Sean Og Graham, Eamon Murray and Niamh Dunne on vocals. Her voice is clear and precise. Beoga’s style is lighter than many Irish music groups with a contemporary style using piano and percussion.
Highlights on this CD are the first track, “lamped,” that serves as an introduction to the artists and a show case for their talent. “Mary danced with soldiers,” sung by Niamh Dunne, is a folk song that tells what happens when an Irish girl crosses boundaries and dances with an opposition soldier. The story is somewhat reminiscent of the film, Ryan’s Daughter.
“Mister Molly’s” is contemporary, easy-going and composed by Colin Farrell (not the actor). “The flying golf club” is a three-part medley, telling the story of what happens when one of the band members tries to win a major prize in a golf tournament. This is a rhythmic arrangement, particularly for piano and with a surprise ending. “Strange things” (composed by Sister Rosetta Tharpe) is sung by Niamh Dunne, in blues style with clarinet styling's by David Howell. “On the Way” by Ciaran Gribbin, is a vocal duet telling the story of a couple having an argument while driving in a car. 
My favorite of this CD is “The Bellevue Waltz” by Ciaran O’Grady. It is a lush, arrangement with additional instruments of harp (Claire Creelman) and cello (Sian Evans.) I can’t identify the fiddle player on this selection, but the ambience of this waltz is striking.
Beoga’s The Incident will reward their fans, entice new listeners to contemporary Irish music and just in time for St. Patrick's Day.
Copyright 2009 Marie Asner


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