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Artist: Ben Utecht
Label: Stylos Records
Length: 12/50:40

Ben Utecht is known primarily for his football prowess: he owns a Super Bowl ring from his days with the Indianapolis Colts, and is currently with the Cincinnati Bengals.  What most people don’t know is that Utecht is a huge fan of Christian music who happens to sing pretty well himself.

Calling in a host of big names (Jeremy Camp, Sandy Patty, Jeremy Nockels, John David Webster, Mark Harris, Bill and Gloria Gaither) doesn’t hurt Utecht’s credibility as a singer either.  His self-titled debut falls somewhere between a smoother Camp and a stronger version of Mark Schultz.  It becomes immediately evident that Utecht is well set up for a career after football, both in terms of talents and connections.

“Generation” is about every Christian’s calling, and demands action here and now.  “Yours” seems destined to be the radio hit, and “We All Bow Down” features Sandy Patty on vocals.  “Run to You” is a song about total reliance on God.

“Heal Me” reveals that Utecht knows how to structure a song (or received some really good advice) it goes from quiet verse to big chorus, then back to quiet.  “Rescue Me” was co-written by Jeremy Camp.

This is a strong, well-produced debut for a multi-talented man, and if I had to place a bet, I’d guess that Utecht’s post-football music career may have a wider impact than anything he does on the field. And given his injury history, that may be sooner than later.

Brian A. Smith
18 August 2009


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