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Fires of Babylon
Artist: Fires of Babylon
Label: Retroactive Records
Time: 10 tracks/47:45 minutes
Seriously, how many bands has Rob Rock sang for? I canít even count. Impellitteri, Angelica, Warrior, not to mention his solo stuff. The list goes on and on, and now, Fires of Babylon. This band is an all-star side project from Winterís Bane guitarist Lou St. Paul, also featuring bassist Kelly Conlon (Death) and drummer Robert Falzano (Annihilator). With all this talent going around Fires of Babylon should absolutely smoke, but it doesnít quite get there.
Musically this is straight-up power thrash, often mid-paced, but sometimes speeding it up. The frequent use of symphonic keyboards and Rob Rockís higher register add to the power metal feel. The musicianship is obviously impressive but unfortunately the songwriting is rather pedestrian. The band doesnít stray from their formula at all, and Robís vocals are strikingly unimaginative and mid-range, rarely hitting the notes heís known for. The album ends up feeling like the side project it is, disappointing as Fires of Babylon have the chops to be an excellent band in their own right.
Notably, these are some of Robís most obviously Christian lyrics; in fact, everything from the artwork to the bandís name is full of Christian imagery. Clearly Rob Rock and Lou St. Paul want to market Fires of Babylon as a Christian band regardless of two non-Christian band members. Lyrically the album is definitely uplifting and inspirational. Itís just too bad the music itself doesnít live up to it.
Noah Salo


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