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This Good Place
Artist: Ajalon
Label: Prog Rock Records
Time: 7 Tracks/59.5 Minutes
Way back in the good ol’ ‘90s you could some positive spiritual stuff, but prog made with a Christian worldview was difficult to find.  That’s why Ajalon was such a breath of fresh air when they released their 1996 CD Light at the End of the Tunnel on Rick Wakeman’s (Yes) Hope Records.  
Fast forward to 2009 – Ajalon has released their third album and it is their best yet.  This Good Place is a seven song prog rock adventure that features a wide array of majestic and surprising musical moments.  From Randy George’s bass gymnastics to the wicked guitar solos on “Not Man” and “Redemption” to the rousing symphonic keyboards (gotta’ love the B3 break on “Redemption”) there is plenty of prog goodness for the listener to delve into on This Good Place.  
According to the press for This Good Place “with this release the band wanted to make an album that speaks to everyone, leaving room for listeners to draw their own conclusions,” and Ajalon certainly meets that goal in the lyrical department.  The theme of the album is universal; leaving home, hitting rock bottom, and finding a way back to hope.  These themes can be related to by the Christian and non-Christian.
Multi-instrumentalist Randy George, lead vocalist Wil Henderson and drummer Dan Lile on drums all turn in fine performances and are augmented by some well-chosen guests on This Good Place; Neal Morse sideman Paul Bielatowicz contributes memorable guitar solos, smooth lead vocalist Henderson is joined by solid female vocalist Robyn Dawn in several spots, great power pop singer Rick Altizer adds a cool lead vocal on “Not Man” and Glass Hammer keyboardist Fred Schendel contributes colorful keyboards.   This Good Place can be summed up as This Good Album; an interesting and colorful symphonic prog rock release firmly rooted in classic prog sounds that points to hope that we can all find.
I would be remiss if I did not point out that all you prog fans should check out Ajalon’s label home: ProgRock Records:
Label owner Shawn Gordon is presenting a multitude of the newest and greatest prog on the planet and is waving the prog banner proudly for a new generation of listeners.
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