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Abandon EP
Artist: Abandon
Label: Forefront
Time: 19:10

In the first 30 seconds of "Providence," Abandon's EP opener, my ears were on overload. Their sound was a combination between so many groups that I had trouble trying to label them. (That is a compliment, by the way.) They seamlessly mixed the choruses of The Killers and even the anthems of U2 with the modern-rock sound that dominated the 90's. What I am trying to say is, I really like this band.

The rest of the EP keeps up the expectation and showcases even more of the band's influences (Coldplay, Switchfoot, etc.) Now so many references might make you think that Abandon's sound is unoriginal or a rip-off of other groups. This is not the case. Their songs weave together so many styles that they never end up sounding like one band too long. 

Unfortunately, this was only an EP and you can only make assumptions about a band from five songs. But I will say that my guess would be that this band is going to be big.

Author: Shawn Dickinson 
Date Submitted: October 7, 2008

This EP was recently released by ForeFront with one additional song.

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