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David Lindley: The Troubadour Jester of Reggae, Oud and Polyester  (7/2009)
During this interview with David Lindley he described the great violin player, Sugar Cane Harris as a 'force of nature.' This could easily be said of Lindley as well. 

Poco: Just Like the Sun, They Come Shining Through (7/2009)
 To be sure, Poco has defied this fate. In fact, in a music world full of commercial trends and bands that bend to the times and sounds of the day, Poco has remained remarkably true to their original vision. 

Hank Ray About Ants Invading the Bakersfield Sound (7/2009)

The first country music horror film ever!" Itís a musical and it has giant ants eating Bakersfield and the Tollbooth has an interview with its creator.

Richard Thompson  (7/2009)
A Renaissance troubadour with blues and roots rock influences...and a Celtic musical vision with a leaning toward William Blake thrown in.

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Dave Perkins - Pistol City Holiness

Grammatrain - Kneeling Between Shields EP



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