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Searching for a better God
Author: Wade Bradshaw
Number of Pages: 159
Publisher: Authentic Publishing
ISBN -13:  978-1-934068-00-7

In this book author and pastor Wade Bradshaw tells a new story about God. He examines three questions: ­ Is God angry? Is God distant? And is God a bully?  He believes the answer to all three questions may just be yes, but not in a way that is bad, in a way that God is overall misunderstood and kind of painted into a box of what people want Him to be.

Personally I did not enjoy or understand this work at all. It was confusing at times. I was unable to read most of it due to the weird phrasing of the sentences and inability to understand the purpose of the analogies in the book over all.

Regrettably I would not recommend this book to anyone that I know or anyone that I do not know. I really tried to get in there and take my time to figure out what exactly the author was trying to convey, but unfortunately it never really made much sense to me, so before you recommend it to your unbelieving friends asking, ­ Is God angry? Is God distant? And is God a bully?, make sure you agree with this author's answers.

Trish Cooper 


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