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Tuck (being the third part of the "King Raven Trilogy")
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
Publisher: West Bow Press
Pages: 335

It is indeed a sad thing when a tale well told comes to an end. Tuck, the third installment in the "King Raven Trilogy" from acclaimed author Stephen R. Lawhead is just that, a tale well told. A masterful retelling of the old Robin Hood legend, this story rather than being set in Sherwood Forest in England hearkens back to an earlier time in Wales. The beginning of the legendary tales that would later develop into the character know as Robin Hood. 

Over the course of three books we are introduced to familiar yet different characters. People such as Rhi Bran the Hud, Merian, Iwan, William Scatlocke aka Scarlet, Friar Aethelfrith aka Tuck, Guy de Gysburne and others. Each of the books in the trilogy is told from the perspective of the title character giving a unique quality to each of the tales. And what tales they are. Stories of love, betrayal,intrigue, hope, and ultimately redemption. Not so much the redemption of a single man but of a people, a nation. 

Over the past twenty six plus years, Stephen R. Lawhead has developed from being just another author to one of the greatest story tellers of our time in a league with such men as CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien. The release of a new tale from the pen of Lawhead is a time for celebration and rejoicing, for it is a time of adventure, of wonder and magic. It is a time when we can leave the troubles of the world behind for a time and get caught up in and visit other places. All hail King Raven, all hail Stephen R. Lawhead.

Also check out the companion CD release King Raven by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning through Ark Music.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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