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Finding God In the Shack
Author:  Randal Rauser
Publisher: Paternoster

This book is for those who have read William P. Young's best seller The Shack and would like to go into some further in their understanding(or non-understanding) of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.   Finding God In the Shack will be beneficial to cell groups, small group studies and discussion forums as a jumping-off point for study of The Trinity, suffering, personal relationship with God and redemption.  

Author, Randel   Rauser did not intend this book for the theologian, but for those who may have discovered these ideas for the first time or the church member who never gave much thought to his/her own historic faith.  At the conclusion the reader will understand better the subtext of _The Shack_, the theology which drives the story and the history of the Christian church.   

Still, the question remains, do we study the map or do we go to the land?   The Shack invites the reader to experience the reality of God, not through understanding, but through experience.  Finding God in the Shack sometimes drains the imagination woven into the book in favor in-depth study of concept.   In other words, it asks the reader to take a closer look at the map.   For this weary pilgrim, The Shack lit up my imagination and motivated me to enter into a renewed fellowship and experience with the living God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.   

Terry Roland



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