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Wrestling Prayer
Authors: Eric & Leslie Ludy
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Length: 232 pages

In Wrestling Prayer, Eric and Leslie Ludy contend that God wants us to "wrestle in prayer, to grab hold of His great and precious promises and fight to see them unfurled in living reality on this earth." This is all about learning to wield the power of God in this world. 

The Ludys draw on Old Testament stories, particularly ones about David and his mighty men, to say that what they accomplished in the physical realm, believers can do in the spiritual realm. The power available to Old and New Testament saints is still obtainable. The Ludys desire a Christianity that is once again mighty, but the cost is high. 

One has only to read the title of this book to know that this is a challenging read. The Ludys are out to raise-up a new generation of heroes and warriors that live in victory over sin, the world and the devil. There is no pampering here. 

It can be a little overwhelming, but the Ludys encourage others to join them. For those starting out, they list their top three books on prayer:

1. Why Revival Tarries - Leonard Ravenhill
2. Rees Howells: Intercessor - Norman Grubb
3. Power Through Prayer - E. M. Bounds

These are classics on prayer. The Ludys believe that Christians today can be just as mighty in prayer as the men and women that we read about, not through our own strength but in the ability that God provides.

In alternating chapters, Eric supplies the vision, and Leslie provides practical applications. They share some of their experiences to show that making prayer a priority is not only possible but extremely rewarding. 

Rather than getting into specifics on how to pray, much of the focus is on removing personal impediments so that prayer will be effective. The Ludys know that the best way to learn is to start praying.

For those who may not think of themselves as courageous as Eric or as dedicated as Leslie, they remind us that they are just ordinary people. Their fellowship with an extraordinary God can be ours as well. At the very least, this should inspire more prayer, which is and has always been vital. 

Michael Dalton
November 19, 2009



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