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The Firstborn
Author: Conlan Brown
Publisher: Realms, A Strang Company
Pages: 312

The Firstborn, their job is to watch over and protect us, but who is watching them? Heroes are not born to that position, they are people who do not back away from difficult circumstances. Devin Bathurst, John Temple & Hannah Rice are heroes, one purposely, one reluctantly and one against her will. In "The Firstborn", author Conlan Brown introduces us to an unlikely trio of folks who are thrust into a plot of intrigue who implications reach back over  two thousand years in time and threaten the very fabric of world peace. They are The Firstborn! From the very first page first time author Conlan Brown gives us a story that propels us from thrill to thrill with twists and unexpected turns.

Although there are certainly Christian implications to this book, it is not the usual evangelical tripe that populates the shelves of so many CBA market bookstores. Once I started this book I could barely put it down, I found myself being drawn back to it at every spare moment. Conlan, congradulations on a great start to a hopefully long career.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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