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Certain Jeopardy
by Captain Jeff Struecker with Alton Gansky
B & H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tennessee, PB, 
380 pages, $14.99. 2009. 9-780805-448535
Certain Jeopardy is a military term that refers to someone or some group being “cleared to take direct and forceful action” because the group is in imminent danger. This is what happens to the main character, Sgt. Major Moyer and his team, in Struecker’s book. It is definitely not a place you want to be in. Captain Jeff Struecker knows whereof he writes as he is a decorated member of an elite corps from the U. S. Army, (think “Blackhawk Down” here) and also a chaplain.
In Christian fiction, there must be some connection to religion and in Certain Jeopardy, there is a chaplain who provides comfort to a teenage boy and to a young pregnant mother-to-be. There are characters in the book who silently prayer when in doubt or trouble and those who acknowledge there is a higher power by asking others to pray for them. Plenty of action in this book, that follows a Special Ops team, led by Moyer, from one country to another. Their families don't know exactly what they do, and when called, the men go at a moment's notice, often for weeks or longer. Not conducive for long-term personal relationships.
The basic plot introduces Moyer and his team in Afghanistan while they try to get out safely without the Taliban knowing about them. Then, we meet the team on a new assignment, to go to Venezuela and check on terrorist training facilities. Instead, they run into the kidnapping of a nuclear scientist who will be headed to Iran and the kidnapping of the scientist’s family. They are held in separate locations. Change of plans as the team goes from surveillance to extraction.
Military jargon and weapons are explained so if someone mentions “HALO,” you know it is “high altitude low opening” and not connected to an angel. Several stories come together toward the end of the book, and they include the scientist, the scientist’s wife and children, Moyer and his family, the team medic and his pregnant wife, and a gung-ho soldier with a broken marriage. You are right in the action, looking over the shoulders of men on a mission. There is violence, brutality, torture and even friendly banter between the Army men and Navy SEALS.
Certain Jeopardy is a page-turner with dialogue you can relate to, characters you care for and situations that are realistic. Enjoy.
Reviewed by Marie Asner


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