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Searching For a Better God
Author: Wade Bradshaw

In Searching For a Better God, Wade Bradshaw presents two “stories” which modern Christians will face in evangelism. There is “the old story;” the primary focus of apologetics texts which states that God does not exist. Also, “the new story:” if God exists he is not good, and humans are morally superior to him. The second is the focus of Bradshaw’s book.
He argues his case as a dialectic examining three key questions: Is God Angry? Is God Distant?, and Is God a Bully? giving surprising answers. (YES! God is angry. YES! God is distant. NO! God is not a bully, but he does punish people.) His answers of course do not stop there, and he argues that within the proper context, God’s anger, distance, and vengeance are actually proof that he is good. Though the book is titled Searching for a Better God, it is essentially searching for a better understanding of God.
The book is instantly readable, coming across as a pastiche of Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz and C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity_. There are personal stories, but overall it is theological and is an apologetic by nature­a new kind of apologetic for the new story. Bradshaw fills the book with ponderous thoughts, such as the following:
The goodness we are to attain is not something vague or ambiguous, an image of something without a name. We are going to be holy in the same way Christ is holy­and yet we shall remain ourselves, because our problem is not that we are not God, but that we aren’t yet fully human, fully conformed to the image of God (123.)
Overall, an excellent, thought provoking read. Searching For a Better God_ is ideally suited for those people who, when presented with evidence of God’s existence, respond by asking “so what?”
Noah Salo


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