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The Blind Writer (finding faith beyond our Christian subculture) 
Author: Matt Bays
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# Of Pages: 219
Publisher: Self published at
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The Blind Writer is a breath of fresh air from someone who has definitely walked in most of our shoes before. It is an honest look at Christianity, faith, real life issues, and church as a whole. Matt Bays really lays it all out for you one witty chapter at a time. This is a must have for every person you know or meet­that includes YOU! 
I think that at one time or another we could all say that we have struggled with a certain religious view, people in the church( everyone is perfect and you are not, etc.) , or Christianity as a whole. This writers approach to faith…its ups and downs…and his real life stories intertwined throughout the entire book will have you feeling quite relieved that you are not a lone in this struggle and that you are quite normal without all the “Well just Praise God sister” or the “Hallelujahs.”
Intertwined in the chapters you will find some of Matt Bays’ original poetry, as well as, his real life stories from his heart. He shares some of the most real feelings about church, people, faith and Christianity.  You get it straight from this author, there is no frill, no filler, no fluff…it is straight from his life lessons and story­no sugar coating here! He tackles many issues that some may consider taboo, but I think that they are all things everyone has thought at one time or another and have just not shared an opinion out loud about.  For instance Chapter 15­titled The Blind Writer­tells us that A) The Blind Writer is a Nineteenth Century typewriter, just in case you, like I was, thinking what does that mean??? Now you know!! And B) one of my favorite points he makes in the book is found in this chapter! He says that “We have our lives and that is all; one life, one heart, one will, one chance.” He continues to talk about how the chapters of our lives are based on the choices you make during that moment in time and how they may be good or bad. We never know exactly what we will do, exactly what may be around the corner or what we are capable of until that time comes. 
I wish every Pastor, every church member, every person in the world would read this book! It is an awesome, heartfelt work and deserves to be circulated around! I recommend that you go to and buy a copy, read it and pass it on. Buy one for a friend, Pastor or stranger! 
Trish Cooper



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