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The Naked Gospel
Author: Andrew Farley
# of Pages: 231
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-29306-4

This is a wonderful, on time read! This book will totally change your mind about reading the bible and believing that it is truly for you today, not a book written 2000 years ago to people of a different time and place. It dispels all the myths that sadly we hear resounding in the church today, all the churchy jargon and double talk that you seem to hear in the Christian community and has sadly spilled out to the world. After reading it the first time, you may need a second read to take it all in! You will be pulling out your Bible to see that it REALLY does say this or that and not the jargon you have learned over the years. And I think you, like me, will see that the bible really does say that and we just need to believe and practice that specific thing.

Through all the pages you will read of the differences between the Old and New Testament, in the Old Testament they were under a different covenant, than in the New. Jesus shed his blood and died for that we may be saved from the works of the Old Testament, He made a New covenant with us. We need to use this book and get in the Bible for ourselves and see what that New covenant is all about and what it means to us.

Andrew Farley has put a lot of his real life experiences and stories into this work. He gives us a first hand look at the true Naked Gospel. He shows us that he is a real person, just like us, that he had questions and experiences just like we have and how he was able to overcome the false and found the truth. He points us to a scripture to back it up every time! 

I recommend this book to every person in the world who is discouraged in Christ, by this I mean that they are so taken by the churchy jargon that they do not believe the true gospel! Go out and buy your copy today, and buy some extra to give away as you see fit!!!!!!

Trish Cooper


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