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Wow Hits 1
Artist:  Various
Label: Provident Label Group
Length: 19 Tracks/77.40 Minutes

On this latest and updated version of the Wow series the Provident Label Group refreshes the formerly annual double-disc series with a single disc compilation that will be released three times a year.  This is the first release of the new setup, and it delivers a (mostly) worship and vertically-messaged collection of cuts that could be a really nice, chillin’ soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Throw on Wow Hits 1, grab some lemonade and your favorite book (the Bible maybe?) and hit the porch swing.  Sound nice, huh? 

Wow Hits 1 is loaded with ballads and string-laden worship songs that tend to start small and swell into anthemic heights.  Kicking off the collection is a new song from Michael W. Smith (featuring Israel Houghton and Christy Nockels) that was written to benefit CompassionArt for Life—a new organization headed by Delirious? Martin Smith to benefit the poor.  Portions of Wow Hits 1 will benefit this project.
Other highlights from Wow Hits 1 include Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone),” Newsboys solid “In Wonder,” David Crowder*Band’s catchy “Everything Glorious,” and Aaron Shust’s jaunty piano-laced pop prayer “Give Me Words to Speak.”  There are 3 new artist’s songs included as bonus songs that round out the collection nicely.  

The Wow series is somewhat limited because of label sponsorship; there are a small group of labels that contribute to the compilation. So there are no independent artists present on Wow Hits 1.  And in the digital age it could be argued that your favorite music download service of choice allows the listener to pick and choose which of these songs to purchase rather than dropping the cash for the whole CD.  But taken as a whole Wow Hits 1 offers a decent compilation of modern praise oriented pop.  

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