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Save Me From Myself
Brian "Head" Welch
Driven Music Group
11 songs, 64 minutes

As a good reader of the Phantom Tollbooth, you already know the story behind Head's leaving the band KoRn and his conversion to Christianity. So, I'll skip that story and get right to the music review of his new CD "Save Me From Myself," the soundtrack to the best selling book of the same name.

Head has out KoRn-ed KoRn on this record. Of course the comparisons are easy, almost mandatory, but very valid. The record musically reminds one of KoRn from the beginning single plucked notes of "L.O.V.E." to the big ending of the 9:34 minute epic song, "Washed By Blood." The guitar work is thick and heavy, at times even darker than the latest KoRn manifestation. Head plays most of the instruments on the record except for some bass (played by Trevor Dunn and Tony Levin) and the drums (played by Josh Freeze), and shows his musicianship and studio chops to be quite extensive. The layering of the guitar parts and the recording of the bass and especially the drums keep the production values on the cd top notch.  

After multiple listens, this record gets better. You catch some of the musical nuances, the undercurrents that Head has crafted into the needlework of his first solo project. The spinning minor chords, the interesting intros and outros, and the vocal coloring of the album keep this cd in the player. Head handles all the vocals on the record and does a fine job, in this reviewers opinion. His clean vocals work, even impress during one short harmonious passage in "Die Religion Die." His screams and growls are also placed and pushed in all the right places. 

As well as some great music, Head has impressed us with his lyrics. He is not preachy, just honest. Here again he goes to the dark side some, but like his life, it's all redeemed in the end. 
The autobiographical songs like "L.O.V.E.," "Save Me From Myself," and the first single, "Flush," tell his story and are sometimes rather graphic. Songs like "Re-Bel, "Die Religion Die," "Adonai," and "Washed By Blood," are heavy testimonies of God's power to love and heal. 

This long awaited debut from Brian "Head" Welch delivers the goods. It's nu-music, that will please any fan of the good heavy rock styles of bands like KoRn, Perfect Circle, P.O.D., or Disturbed. Do yourself a favor and order it.

Tony LaFianza

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