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West Coast Revival
Artist: West Coast Revival
Label: Underground Grace Records
Time: 13 tracks / 47:54 minutes
Worship has become a stale genre mixing recycled lyrics with tired music. How surprising then, to hear lyrics like these: 
Our God is working for the good
Of those who love his name
Of those whom he has called
And we the ones that he foreknew
Will surely be conformed
To the likeness of his Son
And he who did not spare his Son
But gave him up for us
Will give us all we need
For who could separate us from
The love that is in Christ
Jesus our Lord! 
There’s more theology in this one song than there is in many other artists’ entire catalogues. The record continues on, focusing on God’s grace, as well as theological issues such as predestination, eternal security and total depravity, certainly not shying away from the “thorny” issues.
Starting out as a youth worship band way back in 1997, WCR has come a long way in the past ten years. In that time singer Aaron Baird has proved himself as an innovative songwriter, having his work featured on several Sovereign Grace Ministries records, and penning a couple hit worship songs.
If there is any justice in this industry, this own band should be the next big thing. Not only are the lyrics uplifting, challenging, and light years above most of the worship out there, but the music is also above average. Borrowing liberally from pop, rock, and throwing in some jazz and country for good measure, the band has crafted a hooky sound that is not marred by the sunny happy sound of so much Christian music. For example, in the song “You Won’t Let Me Fall Away,” the band combines slow moody music with a faster hard rock chorus, creating the perfect mood for the lyrics, which reconcile doubt with theological understanding.
This record will undoubtedly usher you into the presence of God, and may challenge you at the same time. And isn’t that the true measure of good worship music, after all?
Noah Salo


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