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Worth Fighting For
Artist: Warren Barfield
Label: Essential
Time: 42:56

I will give Warren Barfield this: he knows his audience. His songs are anthems for Christians, proclaiming declarations like “God believes in you.” While these statements may be true, they also very easily slip into highly cliché territory.

As a listener of Barfield since his debut album, watching his progression as an artist has been at times frustrating. I have always felt that he is a strong songwriter with the gift of melody and a beautifully rugged Southern voice. What has worried me is his lack of willingness to free himself from the industry-imposed Christian vocabulary. While his work is always strong, there doesn’t seem to be extraordinary progress as expected.

But on his newest release, Worth Fighting For, there might be a sign of exciting things to come. “Love is Not a Fight” is a beautifully-crafted song that affirms that love should be protected at all costs. What separates this track from others on this disc is that Barfield seems to live up to his full potential. Finally, he has become a songwriter who can impact people, not because of what they believe, but because they are universally connected though common experiences and emotions.

While Warren Barfield may have a long career in the Christian industry, I hope he doesn’t sell himself short. He has the ability to musically impact people and if he chooses, he can expand his audience and his influence.

Shawn Dickinson 
Submitted: August 12, 2008


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