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lyfve and depth (EP)
Artist: virusversusvirus   
Label: ©2005 independent

I was seriously having some withdrawals for some good industrial music. This is not a statement I usually make, but I got a short dose of it with virusversusvirus’ “lyfve and depth”. Incorporating the common sampling and loops, and just downright nail biting sounds, there are slight progressive structures ala Tool, and acoustic guitar. This is what I have liked about darker industrial music within the walls labeled “Christian”. You hear the reality of life, and then hope.
“Scrape” is a mix of toned down rap over an industrial mix. “Die With Your Butterfly Wings On” sounds just like the title. It starts out with this acoustic vibe that is reminiscent of the Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, then out of nowhere, ends in an almost metallic whiplash. “New Creation (Kill Something)” has a sound intense enough to rank with Circle Of Dust, amongst others.
Overall, I would have preferred a longer roller coaster ride to get whiplash on. Hence, this is my reason for the repeat button.
January 2008


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