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Artist: Vision
Label: VMI Entertainment
Length: 16 tracks / 52 minutes 
This disc comes from two places, and both of them are good to visit. Much of it glows with sunny Caribbean warmth and easy, reggaefied rhythms; but they also have a polished, sophisticated R&B streak (“Who Will Go?”) that suggests the mainland.
On “Get Away Jordan,” as the boys lend their sublime à capella harmonies to the lyrics “I want to cross over,” that is just what they do - they cross the lines that separate these worlds. The song is an old spiritual and is like a snapshot from family histories, but the vocal style is sweet as the purest pop, while the irresistible harmonies float as freely and unpredictably as a balloon on a frisky breeze.
On the basis of this disc, their 2004 Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards for vocal performance would have been richly deserved, and their appearances in European cities and on various TV networks would be just what you would expect from such fine singers. They are the ideal complement to both traditional, stomping choirs and heavy urban gospel; because the message is the same, but with Vision you can almost touch the space and lightness as it floats by your fingers.
The three interludes do break up the sweetness and add a contrast, but I find them unnecessary and distracting, even if (or especially when) one is by a best-selling author. Similarly, that the final track also has a touch too much of a barber-shop harmony is a personal dislike. Yet even here, they put their own style on to the song and almost redeem it. 
If Vision came from the city, their music might be a little too sweet, but as it brings us a touch of the Bahamas its open air and sunshine is very welcome.
Derek Walker
(including a tock just for the vocals)                          

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