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The Streets Want their Music Back
Artist: Truth
Label: Mia Mind Music/ Shatterring Records
Length: 20 Tracks/64:47
Well to tell you the truth this one was not what I was expecting. I reviewed this one thinking it was a Christian hip-hop artist, but it was not. So with that said you will know that this is not my normal form of music. I will say that the copy I am reviewing was edited for radio play, so knowing that you will know that the one you buy in the store may be a little more edgy and lyrically different.
Truth is an artist that grew up in Brooklyn and the expression shown on this project is one of hip-hop that originated on the streets of New York. He takes it back to the old school, the sounds of hip-hop and rap from back in the beginning days of the styles of music. This is his debut album; it has versatile lyrics and many beats that have a throwback to the older sounds of hip-hop.
Truth teamed up with Siscily on the song “Watch your step kid,” and he also teamed up with Starface on the song “Shake your apple bottoms.”
If hip-hop is your style of music, I believe you will like this one! Go out and pick up a copy today!
Trish Cooper
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