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Artist: Tree63
Label: Inpop Records
Length: 11 Tracks/38.34 Minutes
Tree63 have grown tremendously on Sunday! -- their rocking  fifth album.  Gone are the sound-alike U2 sounds and covers and in their place Sunday! Is filled with stellar rock production (courtesy Joe Baldridge of Family Force 5 and dc talk fame), and monsterous rock riffs.  Add a hefty dose of interesting, uplifting, and victory-filled lyrics and you have the perfect faith-based rocking concoction that may just perk up your mood and get you dancing/playing air guitar.
Highlights include “Sunday!” a joyous celebration take off on the famous Tony Campolo sermon, the 2 minute ‘80’s new wave/punk/Joe Jackson-esque incredibly infectious sounds of “Becoming,” and the rocking statement of faith (with cowbell!) “Not As This World.” 
Barry Nothstine hosts Soul Frequency Radio (, a weekly freeform FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics, blues, and more­great rock for the ages! 
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