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Winter Comes To Wake You
Artist: Timbre
Label: Independent
Tracks: 10

I first became aware of the music of Timbre a few years ago at the Cornerstone Music Festival. What this young woman does is extremely difficult to put into words. Needless to say though it is amazingly and hauntingly beautiful. Timbre Cierpke is a classically trained harpist and is a master at her craft. Although often playing as a solo performer she is periodically joined by the other younger members of her family, Tenor, Treble & Tetra. The ensemble is a wonder to behold and is represented skillfully on Timbre's first full length recording entitled "Winter Comes To Wake You" Winter is my least favorite time of the year but if this album were to serve as its soundtrack then I would gladly live there all year round.

The instrumental lineup on the album consists of harp, oboe, french horn, toy piano, vibraphone & hand bell choir as well as a full choir. Rounding out the lineup are the vocals of Timbre Cierpke. Oh what vocals they are, this young woman has been gifted with a voice smooth enough to melt butter. To say that it suites her music perfectly is a complete and utter understatement.

Timbre over the last few years has made a reputation for herself as a side player for groups like Cool Hand Luke, Anathallo, Bradley Hathaway and others. Yet it is her solo work that really stands apart on its own. Forget about the teeny bopper flavor of the month, this is a serious woman making some very serious music. Hopefully she will be doing it for many years to come. Check her out at her My Space site.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock


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