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The Midget, The Speck & The Molecule
Artist: The Swirling Eddies
Label: Stunt Records
Tracks: 11

Carol Ann said it best in the promo for the film Poltergeist 2, "They're back"! After a ten year sabbatical the band that won't go away is back, and thank God for that. The band has changed personnel somewhat. This time around original members Camarillo Eddy, Berger Roy Al & the enigma that is Spot are joined by Picky Swelly, Judy Ism, Derry Air & Newt York Newt York with a special guest appearance by Eddie DeGarmo. Although Hort, Arthur, Gene & Prickly are naturally missed this incarnation of the band may very well be the strongest to date.

Once again the band has turned to that old sausage master named Terry Scott Taylor for the tunes that appear here. The relationship between Camarillo & Terry is still somewhat of a mystery and cannot be fully delved into here for fear that small children may be scared away and run screaming into the night. What can be said with the utmost confidence though is that the eleven songs on this album are perfect rock n roll from a seemingly perfect band. The production, the playing, the vocals, everything about this album smacks of, as Dr. Tony Shore would say, total professionalism.

As I sit here listening to this album I am reminded of just what a really great band the "Eddies" are. The decade since their last release has only whetted my appetite for music of this caliber, it is top notch all the way around. For more information on the band check out their web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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