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Soul Man Soundtrack (2008)
Artists: Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, Chris Pierce, Leela James, Meshell Ndegeocello, Isaac Hayes, Sharon Jones, The Dap Kings, Ryan Shaw, Sharon Leal, The Sugarman 3 with Lee Fields and Eddie Floyd.
Music by Stanley Clarke
STAX 30945
12 Tracks
Running Time: 52 minutes
The film, Soul Man marks the last screen appearance of the late actors Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, who had a cameo in the movie. Storyline has Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac as backup singers for a rock and blues band called Real Deal. The group fell apart, and many years later, one member passes away, so the group gets together to perform one last time at the funeral. This gives the opportunity for much music and was well selected by Stanley Clarke.
Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson actually perform on three pieces, "I'm Your Puppet" (with John Legend), "Boogie Ain't Nuttin'" and "Do Your Thing" with Sharon Leal. The last piece goes on for almost fourteen minutes and is way too long by six minutes. It actually turns into a sort of comedy set. Mac and Jackson have passable voices, though both seem to think singing means screaming. 
Stand-outs in this soundtrack are "Soul Music" with Anthony Hamilton, "Water" with Meshell Ndegeocello, "Never Can Say Goodbye" with the wonderful late Isaac Hayes, "Just Dropped In" with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and "You Don't Know What You Mean" by The Sugarman 3 with Lee Fields.  Arrangements are first class and this CD may turn out to have nostalgic interest to rock and blues fans for performances by Bernic Mac and Isaac Hayes. Of, if you want to hear Samuel L. Jackson sing, and he's the actor who usually plays action roles. What's that old saying? Singers want to be actors and actors want to be singers?

Copyright 2008 Marie Asner


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