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Golé / The Burning
Artist: Rick Wakeman
Label: MVD Audio
Time: 12 tracks/37:31 & 11 tracks/35:42

MVD Audio has remastered and rereleased several Rick Wakeman albums long out of print.  This review will be looking at two soundtrack albums recently back on the market.

Golé is a soundtrack to the film of the same name, which was a look at the 1982 World Cup (Soccer for us Yanks, Football to the rest of the world).  The playing is topnotch, but strictly '80s keyboard driven.  If you long for more Chariots of Fire-era Vangelis sounds, this album is your cup of tea.  Ricks melody lines are out front, with synths a-blazing.  There is some piano, as well, but get this if you are a keyboards fan strictly.

The disc as a whole is well played (by Rick and his supporting musicians), however the sound is a bit muddy.  Even though it has been remastered for this release, the sound is frustratingly muffled at times.  My recommendation for this disc is that it is for Wakeman completists and '80s key lovers only.

The Burning is a soundtrack for an early '80s Horror Film, notable for its role early in the careers of Bob & Harvey Weinstein and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld).  I actually saw this film about a week ago, as I knew I had the soundtrack to review.  While no film reviewer, I can attest that the music is much better than the film from which it sprang.  

Wakeman uses keyboards more in line with his '70s & early '80s music with Yes, rather than the synth-heavy load of Golé. The sound is much crisper (maybe better source material for the label to work from), so the remastering works well here.  The tunes are a mixture of brooding (this was a slasher flick) and '80s pop upbeat.  Enjoy soundtrack fans, keyboard aficionados, and those that want to investigate deeper into Wakemans discography.
By Jonathan Nelson 

(The Burning)

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