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Ghosts and Spirits
Artist: Phil Woodward
Label: Independent
Tracks: 12

Concept albums are somewhat of a rarity these days, so when one comes along that is well done it is a pleasant surprise. Artist Phil Woodward has released a concept project based on the CS Lewis tale "The Great Divorce". What is a concept album you might ask. A concept album tells a continuous story throughout each of the story/ songs that appear on the album. Three of the best that come to mind are "Lex Rex" and "The Inconsolable Secret" by Glass Hammer & "A Briefing For The Ascent" by Terry Scott Taylor. Add to that list "Ghosts And Spirits" by Phil Woodward.

Woodward who originally hails from Seattle, Washington now calls Indiana University home. He is there pursuing a PH.D in philosophy. In between studies he has managed to record, with some substantial help, an absolutely magnificent album. He lists among his influences  Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens & Death Cab For Cutie. Yet even though his influences are prominent his style is all his own and an excellent style it is indeed. This is one album that lovers of good rock n roll and great lyrical content need to add to their collection immediately. If that wasn't enough, Phil's wife, Seattle singer/ songwriter Lacey Brown lends her considerable talent to the project. For more information check out the web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 

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