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Big House Kids
The Praise Baby Collection (CD and DVD)
Ah, what a refreshing nap. I sat down to preview the DVD half of The Praise Baby Collection and the next thing I knew, I was far away, dreaming of my own childhood, when choral strains, intricate harmonies, soaring melody lines interwove my waking and sleeping, thanks to the local classical music station. I'm old enough to remember when expectant mothers were urged to please headphones on their bellies so the yet un-born could absorb Mozart. 
Unfortunately, The Praise Baby Collection takes a less ambitious route, serving up 10 current praise & worship hits in gentle, soothing adult and children voices. The DVD is filled with hundreds of adorable children appearing before a white screen with bright-colored objects--balloons, flowers, blocks, parents--interspersed with adorable, brief, nature shots and animated basic shapes. If you want to reinforce to your children the choruses from Sunday worship, this is the project for you. Very gentle, somewhat whimsical, easy to drift off to sleep, nothing too challenging. But throw in a few masses, requiems, oratorios, fugues, and sonatas, too. Your children's developing brains will thank you.
Linda LaFianza

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