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The Mother’s Day Concert
Artist: Jon Anderson
Label: MVD Audio
Time: 15 tracks/77:

Jon Anderson has had a long, illustrious career.  While never varying much from his style, he led Yes through its many iterations (including Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe).  He teamed with Vangelis for many memorable discs as the duo Jon & Vangelis.  He has released lots of solo albums.  He has guested on songs by groups as varied as The Fellowship, Kitaro, Glass Hammer, and 4Him.  

Anderson’s musical style is influenced by New Age textures & World sounds.  More so than being influenced by progressive rock, he has set the standard for many prog vocalists that followed. The reason he is so desired as a singer is because of his distinctive tenor voice.

_The Mother’s Day Concert_ is a recording of a concert recorded May 12th, 1996 at the Martin Brothers Winery in Paso Robles, CA.  As much as a celebration of Mothers, Anderson makes it clear that this concert celebrated Mother Earth.  A Native American speaker, Longwalker, even gives a speech on one of the tracks of the disc.  The sound quality of the disc is the equivalent of a clean, good quality bootleg audience recording.

Accompanied by mostly acoustic instrumentation, Anderson delivers fun variations on Yes Classics such as “Time and a Word,” “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” and “I’ve Seen All Good People.”  My personal favorite tracks are two covers of great Jon & Vangelis tunes: “State of Independence” and “One More Time.”

This release is part of a series of archival releases by Jon Anderson, headed up by Voiceprint in the UK.  More information about that set is available at

This disc is a fun reminder of what a joy it can be to listen to Jon Anderson sing.  The tunes are varied enough from the studio versions to make up for the bootleg quality of the recording.  Any fan of Anderson’s would be well served to pick up this disc.
By Jonathan Nelson 



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