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Limbs and Branches
Artist: Jon Foreman
Label: Credential Recordings
Tracks: 12

Jon Foreman has in the past year released four ep's, _Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter_. All outside of the context of his band Switchfoot. Now to top off the year we have a best of the four ep's collection, plus of course two new songs to round it out, called _Limbs and Branches_. The music on this collection could be best described as acoustic Switchfoot for lack of a better term, Jon Foreman on acoustic guitar and vocals backed up by sundry unidentified players. The music is good and it is overall a good listening experience.

Now my gripe, five ep's in a year, one of which is a rehash of the first four. Is this absolutely necessary or just a money making ploy. Actually one full length album called "Seasons" would have done just as well. Maybe not financially but artistically it would have been more satisfying. If you don't have the ep's then by all means grab up this collection. If you do, then save your money and wait for a new Switchfoot release.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock

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