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Where Faith Comes From
Artist: Jared Anderson

Jared Anderson specializes in piano driven modern worship, attempting to occasionally cross over into the adult contemporary world.  He's not at the same level of recognition (or quality, for that matter) as the Chris Tomlin's of the world, but they are in the same ballpark.

"Promises" is an example of this, featuring a call and response chorus, with a high energy soundtrack.  "All I Want" is excellent, while "Hiding Place" is Coldplay lite.  You've probably heard "Glorified" if you belong to a church that employs modern worship music.  "This is Life" is more plaintive, and "Pleasing to You" is also slow, and somewhat in the style of Mercy Me.

"Ready Now" is about submission, and the hidden track "The Difference" deals with fighting the world's attractions.  Like most worship albums, there is some good stuff here, and some that comes across as meaninglessly repetitive.  Overall, it's a pretty nice little disc, but will serve only to be memorable to fans of this style or this artist.

Brian A. Smith
11 July 2008


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