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Illumina Tenebras Meas (Illuminate My Darkness)
Artist: Illuminandi
Label: ©2007 independent
Hailing from Debica, Poland, this gothic-metal-hardcore-classical outfit is impressive. Basically an EP, with equal versions in Polish and English, the growling, dirty vocals are not overtly out of place. When the clean vocals are sung, I liken the overall vibe to Saviour Machine at points.
A six-member band, Illuminandi uses string instruments in a haunting manner. Classical melancholy is woven into the gothic framework with tasteful melodic lines from the violin and cello. Then, when the climax hits you, a powerful wave of classically induced metal with growling vocals over the layers sinks its teeth into you. This is very impressive!
Favorite tracks are “Hymn of All Creation,” “The Betrayal,” and “Is Qui Est.” The artwork, especially the front cover, is beautifully gothic metal. If you love any of the aforementioned styles, give this a shot. I do not think you will go wrong. Hopefully, they can cause a good stir here in the U.S.

January 10, 2008


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