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Halloween a Go-Go
Artist: Various 
Label: Wicked Cool Records
Length: 15 Tracks/46.43 Minutes

Little Steven Van Zandt is on a personal mission to highlight some of the coolest garage rock gems on his Wicked Cool Records label releases Coolest Songs in the World series (now up to 6 volumes and HIGHLY recommended for fans of good garage/’60s/psychedelic rock & pop).  Now Little Steven ventures into seasonal turf with the excellent Halloween a Go-Go, 15 tracks of spooky and freaky rock ‘n’ roll Halloween wonderment that is an essential addition to your collection.  The compilation wisely deletes the Halloween sound FX (wind howling, ghosts moaning, etc.) that clutter up many All Hollow’s Eve releases and places front and center 15 classic tracks of genre and decade hopping rock.  Halloween a Go-Go covers lyrical turf from nightmares (The Electric Prunes “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night,” and The Chesterfield Kings classic “Running Through My Nightmares”) to monsters (“I’m the Wolfman,” “Dinner with Drac”) and other appropriately eerie subject matter.  In addition to the terrifyingly cool recent cuts from Wicked Cool label bands Little Steven drops in some interesting big label cuts, including a rare track from Springsteen & the E-Street band “Restless Nights” as well as classics from Carl Perkins, Howlin’ Wolf (“Howlin’ for my Darlin”),  Donovan, and The Pretty Things.  Halloween a Go-Go is highly recommended for some howlingly good fun during the Halloween season.   And after checking out Halloween a Go-Go you will likely want to investigate Wicked Cool Records other releases.  

Check out Wicked Cool records online & download a free mp3 from  Halloween a Go-Go:

Listen to Little Steven’s fantastic Underground Garage show:

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