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Convert Augustine
Artist: GromKo
Label: Independent
Tracks: 11

Convert Augustine is the debut album from Brooklyn, NY based jazz singer Sarah Gromko. Yet it is far from a solo project, for although Sarah is the primary songwriter and vocalist, this is a band effort. GromKo consists of some extremely fine jazz musicians including but not limited to: Art Hirahara on Rhodes Piano, Jon Price on bass and Danny Sanchez on drums and percussion. The resulting sound makes for a soothing Latin based jazz project that is pleasing both to the heart and the ears.

The album, except for the opening and closing numbers is all original material. Cole Porter's "What Is This Thing Called Love" opens the album and "Nature Boy" by Eden Ahbez closes it out. What lies in between are some brilliant jazz numbers which in time are bound to become not only standards but also classics. There is also a three part piece called "Merton's Prayer" which is based on the writings of Thomas Merton.

Although not a concept album in the traditional sense of the term, the songs on this album have been arranged and constructed to tell an ever evolving story. A love story, yet much more than just an ordinary love story, a story with far reaching implications. Overall for a debut project this album shows a deep sense of artistic maturity not often found the first time out. Let's hope for a long and successful career for this young lady and her musical ensemble. Check out their web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock


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