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Meet Glen Campbell
Artist: Glen Campbell 
Label: Capitol 
by psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr BLT 

Anybody who believes Glen Campbell is getting old hasn't heard his new CD, Meet Glen Campbell.  While I cannot gainsay the truism that Campell is up there, in terms of chronological years, his music appears to be growing younger, especially with this latest ebullient offering of modern and alternative rock.  

These are songs that some may recognize from bands such as Foo Fighters and Green Day.  Thus, Campbell is, in fact, introducing himself to a new generation---hence, the fitting nature of album's title, Meet Glen Campbell.

In this music meal (complete with a side order of remastered Glen Campbell classics, like "Gentle On my Mind" and "Rhinestone Cowboy"), Campbell covers the works of quintessential singer/songwriters like Frances Healy, Tom Petty, David Grohl, Jackson Brown, Paul Westerberg and Lou Reed.  

Like Johnny Cash, with a bit more sugar in every song, Glen Campbell has proven himself to be a timeless treasure that keeps coming back.  Like Neil Diamond, he has become a gift to music that keeps on giving.

Glen Campbell does justice to these modern rock tracks, just as he did to the many songs that made him famous in the first place.  Age may be a factor in this year's election, but not in this year's selection of great songs transformed with the smooth, sentimental voice and deft guitar skills of this gentle giant of country pop.  His voice is still vibrant and pure, his energy is immense, and his spirit is youthful.  He celebrates every song on this album as a young boy celebrates every gift opened on Christmas Day.  

There's a lot of bad news in the newspapers these days.  But the day Glen Campbell released Meet Glen Campbell was a good day for Glen, and a great day for the music world.  I'm glad I met Glen Campbell through his music the first time around, and with this new collection, I'm glad I got to "meet" him all over again.  


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