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Even Now
Artist: Foolish Things
Label: Independent
Time: 11 tracks/45:17 min.
From the time you put this one in your CD player you will be listening intently to the lyrical, melodic and expressive words of all 11 tracks! 
Foolish Things have a very rock, alternative sound to their music. 
“Love Chained Me Here” really caught my attention the first time I heard it, then I had to listen to it a few times to really grasp what was there…the fact that God is always there…but we just need to be. A walk with Christ is a relationship…it takes both HIM and us! “Keep Us Together” sounds like a prayer in music form…it is a song that lets you know that we all need help to keep things together. That no matter what happens we can pray to Jesus and He will help us find an answer.
This five member band has been together for ten years, singing, leading worship, and conducting outreach events! You can really tell the strength of this team through their music. Check them out if they come to a city near you! But rush out and get this CD before it is sold out!! You can purchase it at their website, or myspace! 
Trish Cooper.
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