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Our World: Redeemed
Artist: FLAME
Label: Cross Movement Records
Length: 16 Tracks/59.06 Minutes

Every so often I like to pop in a rap CD to add some musical diversification to the palette…lately I have been grooving to this enthralling CD.  Cross Movement Records artist FLAME recently released an “audio novel” in the form of a 2 volume CD set:  Volume 1 is called Our World: Fallen, and the sequel reviewed here is Our World: Redeemed.  These concept CDs are interesting, dramatic, relevant, and full of hip hop goodness that rap fans are sure to enjoy.  FLAME presents the concept of redeeming the world one soul at a time with tasty beats and solid production, all wrapped up with a Gospel message of redemption that this ol’ world needs to hear. Our World: Redeemed is the payoff to the story of redemption started with Our World: Fallen.  FLAME is currently studying Biblical counseling, and his studies seem to be paying off as he shares key themes in his lyrics (with definitions included in the liner notes!).  Redeemed features rocking tracks, crunk-stylings, worshipful ballads, and spoken word sound bites that advance the story.  Fans of rap with a ministry focus and a Biblical basis will want to pick this up.  

Visit FLAME online:

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