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Positively South Jersey
Artist: The Filthy 42s
Label: Indie

This New Jersey based veteran, independent punk band title their CD with a 'positive' reference to Bob Dylan and the open licks of the first song pay direct homage to The Beatles, however, their frame of reference is based more on The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Stooges than mainstream '60's classic rock.  While they are not especially original, The 42's certainly pick up the mantle as worthy successors to their musical heritage.  The CD is consistently
passionate, high energy power-punk with strong roots in the harder edgier sounds of late-60's garage band traditions.  Think MC5 cranked a bit louder and you've got the picture.   They represent a school of punk that this writer would hope to have gain more influence in the alternative punk scene because they celebrate rather than aggravate. One complaint......I'm not sure why it is necessary, in an attempt to capture raw, live energy, to sacrifice good production standards.  In other words, 'come on guys!  Bring up the vocals so we can hear the lyrics!!"  But the rawness is unmistakably captured with enough energy
to wake up any sleepy South Jersey street.

Terry Roland 

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