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On the Brink of It All
Artist: Ever Stays Red
Label: Vertical Shift/EMI-CMG
Time: 12 tracks/44:25 minutes

The press release for Ever Stays Red's third record On the Brink of It All  claims they have "one of the most unique vocalists on the planet." Usually when a label resorts to such hyperbole it means one of two things: it's a lie and the band is terrible, or, it's a lie and the band is still pretty good regardless. Fortunately for Ever Stays Red, it's the latter.

My first thought was that lead singer Dustin Carison sounds like a combination of David Crowder and a mellowed out Chris Carrabba, both unique vocalists in their own right, instantly recognizable as influences on this band.

This record is fairly standard fare emo tinged rock. Every member is talented, bringing great chops to the recording, and the vocals, though not living up to the press, are still excellent. Every song is catchy and full of poppy hooks, without a bad song in the lot; even the thirty-second intro is catchy!

That being said this is nothing new. We have all heard the near endless supply of emo rock flooding the market. Ever Stays Red does it very well but doesn't add anything to the genre. Here's hoping next time they will focus less on conventions and more on innovation, but if you're a fan of the genre this record will get you hopping.

Noah Salo


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