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Like the Dawn 
Artist: Encomium  
©2007 independent 
This is what I am talking about when it comes to a movement by God. You do a little reading about this young band, and you see that God has risen up something in their church that appears to be grassroots and with an anointing. I know that word "anointing" might scare off some, but the music is far from candy coated and formulaic-driven. They jam as well as worship. 
Encomium means warm, glowing praise or expression of praise. Spiritually prophetic worship is a tall order, but Devy Jamin and company have captured an essence of just that on "Like The Dawn". The style is comparable with much of the modern college rock, with innovative guitar riffs and a sense of a willingness to jam. I know that tastes in style are subjective, especially in areas of modern worship, but their zeal drips from this EP. This is short, but indie through and through. 
Here is hoping that Encomium remains true to seeing lives changed through their music, and not about getting swept up in record deals. Dealing with labels and such can leave bitter aftertastes, not to mention can snuff the life out of something good. 
January 2008

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