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Edel Brand        
Artist: Die Resonanz
Label: No Man’s Land Records 
Length: 11 tracks / 44 minutes 
As soon as this disc starts, the quirky time signatures and the taste of Slavonic dance give this disc a definite European jazz feel. The quartet essentially comprises three wind players (if you include diatonic harmonica) and one percussion player, who also plays trombone. All add voice (in the loosest sense). The trombone also gives a hint of oompah underneath the rest. The Germanic nature of the music is confirmed when it takes until the fourth track for a saxophone to cut loose and solo fluidly.
Then for two pieces (including the title track) the voices do odd things. Sometimes it is easy going scat, but at others the sounds can be either casual, unsuitable “doo-doos” or spooky wailing noises. Maybe there needs to be something to give a break to the eccentric Balkan dance jazz, but this is not the answer.
These aberrations aside, there is a deliciously dark, tongue-in-cheek edge to the band. They create an atmosphere that Marlene Dietrich or Nico would be at home in; a soundscape that evokes images of straight-faced dancers in a wild, ironic and flippant tango. 

Derek Walker 

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