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Intermission to the Moon
Artist: A Dream Too Late
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Time: 11 Tracks/42:10 minutes
A Dream Too Late is one of Tooth & Nails newest acts. They play power pop rock reminiscent of Anberlin. Their debut album _Intermission to the Moon_ shows the promise, but also the limitations of this new band.
The first thing I noticed about this CD is the apparent rotating line-up during its recording. Half the songs are credited to Jessy Ribordy, though he doesn’t appear on the album, and the band makes it clear that Reid Anderson is singing. Also the band lost both their bass and drum players during the recording session. A lot of young bands would be paralyzed by losing three fifths of their members, including their principle songwriter, however A Dream Too Late has chosen to continue on, which is admirable. Perhaps the band’s name is a reference to these unfortunate events?
The album suffers from this revolving door membership. At times the record sounds like it is being played by a talented session band. Good, but not great. Also, the lyrics don’t work very well. They are positive and safe for youth group consumption, but they are simple and not very challenging. They are harmless overall, but bland. However on the title track the band sounds too preachy, and the song “Trendsetter” has unfortunately immature lyrics. The band equally criticizes rich kids who use their parents’ credit to buy all the latest fads, and those who try to follow “the trendsetters.” Ironically though, this band is following a rather large trend themselves with the whole punky pop-rock thing, so the lyrics can be pointed right back at the band.
The album isn’t bad; it’s just rather pedestrian. The band has talent and overall the record is catchy. If the band had a steady lineup and time to let it gel they could probably turn out a great record. As it stands this one is okay, however many others have done it before, and done it better.
Noah Salo  12/17/2007


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