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The Buck Owens Recording Studios Farewell Session
Artist: Dr. BLT 
Label: Nu BakoSound Recordings (Independent)
Length: 12 tracks/35:47
Dr. BLT is a psychologist, a featured writer for The Phantom Tollbooth, and a recording artist immersed in the old Bakersfield Sound and its modern counterpart, the Nu Bako Sound, which is being fashioned by up-and-coming Bakersfield artists that bridge the sounds of past and future.
He has a remarkable ability to take a subject and turn it into a song. He has done this numerous times to commemorate a special occasion, or to reinforce a bit of helpful advice to an anxious or questioning soul.
On The Buck Owens Recording Studios Farewell Session he provides a fitting tribute to the closing of a landmark studio started by Buck Owens. Before closing on April 30, 2008, the studio was used by music legends like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Dwight Yoakam.
It was Dr. BLT’s honor and privilege to record the last solo project before it closed. The songs are a stripped-down mix of rugged country, folk, blues and rock. 
The use of brief bits of wild electronic enhancement coupled with frank lyrics reminds me a little of early Frank Zappa. Dr. BLT is not afraid to experiment, and this is especially evident on remixed versions of four of the five songs that cover different aspects of the studio’s legacy.   
The CD has three extra songs. There is the lively guitar-picking heard on the opening, “Six7Eight (Prelude to Farewell)” and two bonus tracks. “Make New History” is a challenge to those rooted in the Bakersfield sound to create something new. “Buck, the Beatles and Bo” was written on the day of Bo Diddley’s death. The song includes the interesting observation that the happiest Beatles­Paul and Ringo­are the two that are still living. The Beatles and Bo Diddley were big influences on Buck Owens.
The doctor once again provides meaningful perspective on significant events. 
Michael Dalton
July 12, 2008
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