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Draw A Distance. Draw A Border.
Artist: The Details
©2007 Parliament Of Trees 

This Winnipeg, Manitoba indie-alt rock band has the chops to make a dent in the broad musical landscape of this digital age we are immersed in.  “From Halifax to Vancouver or vice-versa, The Details can’t seem to see enough of Canada. They have spent the better part of the last two years crossing Canada supporting their various releases. 2008 has already been a busy year for The Details who debuted at 107 on the CMJ charts, cracking the top 100 a week later. They also had a song placed on NBC’s new series ’Lipstick Jungle’.” (…from their myspace profile)

I fear my words will not capture the fullness of what The Details bring to the table. They are a hard working band for sure. Their sound is a familiar one that can blend into modern radio play-lists that are not based on the figures of the five big companies, but run by intelligent minds that embrace quality over appearance of quality.

This is a strong disc from beginning to end. It has made it into my constant rotation, which is saying much. Now, if they will only cross state side and grace Cornerstone, my ears will be content. I have been known to cross the border on occasion.

April 2008

Bradley Snyder (thecannyshark) co-authors and writes for www.PneumaticTire.US, a web-zine chronicling the ongoing history of the Christian underground and independent rock scene.


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