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Yahweh's People
Artist: Anthony W. Demore
Label: Babylon Has Fallen Ent.
 Yahweh's People is a straightforward album of hip-hop from a Christ-centered perspective.   Anthony W. Demore, aka, AD, is a poet, warrior, preacher and latter day prophet.  At least, that is what's presented on this CD and from the press information. 
This CD is not about great art, but about preaching a message to the streets where Demore grew up.  His approach is hard hitting, in-your-face and urgent.   The album's two main themes are the love of God and preaching  the gospel to the gangs of the Bronx, where he grew up. This is the burden he carries with a hip-hop prayer for their salvation.  The lack of intent to conceal this message is quite refreshing.  His compassion for his audience is revealing.  His on-fire passion for Jesus Christ is stirring.  
In a world where Bob Marley and many modern reggae artists have been accepted preaching their message of Rasta and Jah, it seems just valid for an artist like Demore to rise from the New York City streets with the true Gospel message.    
The stripped down musical approach compliments the strength of the lyrics.  The standout track is "Brethren," which speaks to African-American youth mired in the street gang culture.  He calls for spiritual warfare. He calls for them to join him.   It's a message as urgent as they come, from an artist as authentic as they come.  

Terry Roland 


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